NEXERE Awards & Christmas Party 2017

NEXERE Awards & Christmas Party 2017

Last week we were lucky enough to have a day of celebrations for the annual NEXERE awards & Christmas Party 2017.

Starting the day with Secret Santa we passed out gifts ranging from candles, chocolates, spy kits and personalised t-shirts to name a few before heading for pizzas and beers on the Southbank.

Once we’d polished off our lunches (and lined our stomachs) we braved the cold with a short walk back to the office for our annual awards ceremony and a couple of games of pool.

secret santa

This year’s awards brought the usual humorous prizes for categories such as ‘Office Joker’ and ‘Best Dressed’ but when the serious awards began we sat with bated breath. Check out the winners below and congratulations┬áto all of those shortlisted.



With a quick turnaround, we were out the door at 5.30pm and heading over to Battersea for our Christmas Partaaaay. We strapped on our open bar wristbands and headed in one direction, to the bar. We were entertained with trapeze artists, trampolinists and some exuberant dance numbers with a delightful 3 course meal to follow. The food was top notch, the drinks were flowing and we headed for the dance floor (with a quick stop off at the dodgems). It was a great night all round and a massive thank you to our Managing Director and CEO for such a great day.

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