COVID has meant that businesses have had to change and fast. Weaknesses within companies, SMEs and global enterprises alike, were exposed at the onset of the pandemic whilst leaders, usually quick to respond to challenges, were reeling from such an unprecedented, uncertain situation. The responsibility of family, employees and customers weighing heavily on their shoulders, CXXs were feeling like the rest of us, panicked about finances and about the impact of making the wrong decisions.

But solutions were required as an immediate response to the pandemic and to lockdown, and also with a longer-term outlook in mind. A response relevant to the ‘new normal’ and if our prayers were answered, the return to the normal-normal and beyond.

With technology as the key enabler, the IT function truly came into its own. The heroes of the hour in our businesses, helping non-IT colleagues set up remote working, giving urgent Teams and Zoom guidance minutes before virtual meetings were due to start, working through and updating DR and BC policies and procedures and providing vital Business Intelligence. The IT function was also firmly fixed on the radar of senior execs looking to speed up digital transformation, not just for greater efficiency, improved engagement and capability, but in many cases as part of survival planning.

‘IT ‘used to be located in the basement with the post room back in the 80’s, then progressed to sitting with shared services (typically Finance and HR), then positioned within business teams and onto the Board. More recently, elevated to new heights with even greater recognition and scrutiny than we could have expected in 2019. Whether an outsourced or internal function, and there are strong arguments for both, there is a heavy reliance on the expertise of skilled IT professionals which is unlikely to diminish. Indeed, as an IT recruitment specialist we have seen demand grow in 2021 over that of 2019, and skill shortages are once again back on the agenda.

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